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Knittle Photographs From Roger and Rodney Knittle Roger Knittle, Wolfe Road Ringtown, PA 17967 sdsk@localnet.com
To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how Roger and Rodney Knittleconnect to the Knittle genealogy, I have included their line back to Joseph Knittel/Knittle

Ancestors of Roger
Jr. Knittle and Rodney Knittle

Generation No. 1

Roger Jr.
Rodney Knittle
Rachel Catherine Knittle

Generation No. 2

Roger Clark
Sr. Knittle

Generation No. 3

Charles Sr. Knittle
Children of Ronald
Charles Knittle are:
i. Ronald Jr.
Charles Knittle,
ii. Rhonda Cynthia Knittle,.br> iii. Rodney Carlton ,
Sr. Knittle,
iv. Roger Clark,
Sr. Knittle.
v. Randy Craig Knittle,

Generation No. 4

Charles Wellington KnittleChildren of Charles Wellington Knittle are:
i. Ronald Charles Knittle, born Private; married Private. ii. Bruce Allen Knittle, died Unknown in Died in Infancy.

Generation No. 5

Allan Knittle born Abt. 1869 in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania; Children of Allan Knittle and Mary Brosious are:
i Robert Harry Knittle,
ii. Charles Wellington Knittle, died Unknown.
iii. John Knittle, died Unknown.
iv. Child Knittle, died Unknown.
v. Child Knittle, died Unknown.
vi. Child Knittle, died Unknown.
vii. Child Knittle, died Unknown.
viii. Child Knittle, died Unknown.

Generation No. 6

Monroe Wesley Knittle, born 31 Aug 1840 in East Brunswick Township, Schuykill County, PennsylvaniaChildren of Monroe Knittle and Catharine Gangloff are:
i. Allan Knittle.
ii. Sarah Knittle,

Generation No. 7

Daniel Knittle born 23 Jan 1792 in Pennsylvania;
Children of Daniel Knittle and Rebecca are:
i.Daniel Jr. Knittle,
iiWilliam Jr. Knittle
iii.Phoebe Knittle
iv.Child Knittle,
v.Charles Knittle,
vi. Catharine Knittle.
vii. Monroe Wesley Knittle

Generation No. 8

John Adam Knittel/Knittle, born 11 Apr 1759 in Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania;Children of John Knittel/Knittle and Elisabeth (Steinin?) are:
i. Johann 'Adam' Knittle
ii. Frederich Knittle
iii. Abraham Sr. Knittel/Knittle,
iv. Esther Knittle,
v. Child Knittle,.
vi. Daniel Knittle,.
vii. J. Jacob Knittle, viii. Benjamin Knittle

Generation No. 9

Michael Joseph Knittel/Knittle, born 24 Nov 1733 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany;
Children of Michael Knittel/Knittle and Anna (Schats)(Shatzin) are:
i.Johan Freiderich K. Knittle,
iiJohn Adam Knittel/Knittle
iii.Michael Jr. (Knittle) Knittel
iv.John "George" Knittle/Knettle
vDaniel Knittle,
viCristina Knittle,.
vii.Catherine Rosina Knittle,
viii. Catharina Maria Knittle

Generation No. 10

Joseph (Josef) Knittel

Monroe Wesley Knittle was born August 31, 1830 and died February 6, 1870 the son of Daniel Knittle and Catherine Gangloff. He belonged to the Pennsylvania first volunteers, 6th Regiment, Company, Nagle guards, mustering in April 2, 1861 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He was in the Battle of Antietam, and wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness in May of 1864 and mustered out of service. They left the bullet in him, sent him home to die, but it was eight years before he died after marrying and having two children.

Monroe Wesley Knittle Grave I stumpled across Wesley Knittle's grave quite by accident. I searched records and cemeteries for almost a year and found nothing. I found his grave while walking the woods near John Adam Knittle's homeplace. There is small cemetery on hill side a couple of hundred yards from the John Adam's house and their church where they went to worship.

This is Steigerwalts Cemetery on rt443 in East Brunswick Township where Wesley Knittle is buried. His headstone is the second from the back row on the right side.

Allen Knittle, son of Monroe Wesley Knittle, as a young man.

This photo was taken a few weeks before Allen Knittle died.

Daughter of Monroe Wesley Knittle, Sara Knittle and husband George Thorne

Albert Daniel Knittle. He was a member of the Schuylkill County Bar and a prosecuter. The picture is from 1904. He comes from Joseph, Micheal, John Adam, Daniel, Daniel Jr, Frank and then Albert. He had a son Oliver. He is the person who was informed by the Prudential insurance man that passed on the information that Allen had a sister Sarah who was still alive. He made the arrangments for them to get together in 1907. Albert died is buried in Baber cemtery in Pottsville. This is the best copy I could get. Kenny and Betty tell me he was very determined to keep the Knittle family together. He worked to get Allen's widow Mary her pension. When she got the pension, Kenny said his father went to pay Albert. Albert told them he doesn't want any money from family and refused to be paid. His house on south Center st in Pottsville is now a Bed and Breakfast. I remember my grandfather pointing out the house and saying it was family, but I did not pay attention at the time. But we all make mistakes when we were young. Cousin Roger

Knittel Coin from Iowa. A Knittel Token is a store token used to buy things just from that store. They used them instead of the store owner keeping a ; book. I need to figure out how to make a picture of it to send to you. The token was from "R.A. Knittel who owned a general merchandise store in Riverside, Iowa. I found a written account in Shalks directory where Wesley's bother Daniel moved to Iowa with his kids and stayed with some Knittles in the late 1850's after his first wife died. He married a Sarah from eastern Iowa. They moved back to Port Carbon where Daniel Knittle took up the furniture and undertaking business.

I did find Michael Knittle's house. It is still lived in and it's on a street called; Knittle Road; in Maxatawny Township in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Brothers Roger and Rod Knittle at the Knittle School.

My brother and I found a school building on Schmaltzdalh Strassen (roughly translated from PA German to English as Lard Valley Road). On the school building is a sign that says Knittle's School. We talked to the man who owns the school house. His name is William Folk.

A map from before the civil war showing where the Knittle property was around Orwigsburg.

.I found a census map and made a copy that shows a mill and house owned by Daniel Knittle, also a house owned by John Knittle and Wesley Knittle. A short piece away from the mill is a house once owned by Abraham Knittle, now its owned by the Schatz family. The houses they lived in are also still standing.

Knittles buried in Bethany Cemetery in Barnesville, William Knittle Lucy Ann Knittle and Emma Knittle William Knittle is the older brother of Monroe Knittle

I found the cemetery at Zion Lutheran Church in Moselem Springs, in Berks County where Michael Knittle, son of Joseph Knittle Sr. is buried. I was informed by the care taker that most of the head stones from the late 1700's are gone or worn clean, so I could not find his grave but only the general area of the cemetery. This is the front of Zion Moselem Lutheran Church, Richmond Township, Berks County

The original log church stood about where I am standing when I took this photo. I was told Michael Knittle is probably buried to the right of the photo near monument. Near the top of the picture is an fantail hawk that was circling when we were there.

Another view of the cemetery. The area where Michael Knittle might be is to the lower left in front of the white building.

Methacton Mennonite Church Cemetery in Worcester, Pennsylvania. Joseph Knittle Jr. is supposedly buried here. The only Knittle headstone left in the Methacton Cemetery is Mary Knittle's. The rest have been worn away or as the minister at the Methacton church told me a car drove into the cemtery and ran over some headstones.

Mary Knittle was the daughter of Joseph Knittel/Knittle Jr. and Christina V. Bean. Mary was born in 1777 along with a twin sister, Sybilla. Joseph, Christina, Mary and> Sybllia are buried in the Methacton Mennonite Church Cemetery in Worcester, Pennsylvania. Neither Mary nor Sybilla married or had children.