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From Mary Jane McGuire

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Knittle Photographs From Mary Jane McGuire
(a descendant of Abraham Knittel/Knittle and Rebecca Knittle)
Mary Jane McGuire: themjayer@aol.com

To help clarify who the people in the picture are and how Mary Jane McGuire connects to the Knittle genealogy, I have included her line back to Joseph Knittel/Knittle.

Ancestors of Mary Jane McGuire

Generation No. 1

Mary Jane Speidel

Generation No. 2

Herman J. Speidel
Child of Herman J. Speidel is:
i. Mary Jane Speidel, married John McGuire.

Generation No. 3

Edward H. Speidel
He married Mary Chlopak/Hlopak.
Child of Edward Speidel and Mary Chlopak/Hlopak is:
i. Herman J. Speidel.

Generation No. 4

Ludwig "Lewis" Speidel
He married Rebecca Knittle.
Child of Ludwig Speidel and Rebecca Knittle is:
i. Edward H. Speidel, married Mary Chlopak/Hlopak.

Generation No. 5

Abraham Jr. Knittel,
He married Susanna Riegel
Children of Abraham Knittel and Susanna Riegel are:
i. Joseph Knittle,
ii. Missouri Knittle
iii. Caroline Knittleia.
iv. Sabilla Knittle
v. Rebecca Knittle

Generation No. 6

Abraham Sr. Knittel/Knittle
He married Anna " Barbara".
Children of Abraham Knittel/Knittle and Anna Barbara" are:
i. Mary 'Polly' Knittle
ii. George Knittle.
iii. Cathrina Knittle
iv. Abraham Jr. Knitte v. Liddia (Lydia) Knittle
vi. William Knittle
vii. John Knittel
viii. Betty Knittle

Generation No. 7

John Adam Knittel/Knittl
He married Elisabeth (Steinin?).
Children of John Knittel/Knittle and Elisabeth (Steinin?) are:
i. Johann 'Adam' Knittle
ii. Frederich Knittle
iii. Abraham Sr. Knittel/Knittle
iv. Esther Knittle
v. Child Knittle
vi. Daniel Sr. Knittle
vii. J. Jacob Knittle
viii. Benjamin Knittle, Sr

Generation No. 8

Michael Joseph Knittel/Knittle
Children of Michael Knittel/Knittle and Anna (Schats)(Shatzin) are:
i. Johan "Freiderich" K. Knittle,
ii. John Adam Knittel/Knittle,
iii. Michael Jr. (Knittle) Knittel,
iv. John "George" Knittle,
v. Daniel Knittle,.
vi. Cristina Knittle
vii. Catherine Rosina Knittle
viii. Catharina Maria Knittle

Generation No. 9

Joseph (Josef) Knittel
Documents for Adam Knittle Sr.
Documents for Rebecca Knittle and Family
(Worth seeing...they are beautiful!)

Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007

Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007

John and Mary Jane McGuire in Ireland 2007

Mary Jane McGuire age 8 (about 1967) with her Uncle Ed Speidel (right), her dad's oldest brother and her father's cousin Julian Nagy or Julian Hlopak.

Father of Mary Jane McGuire, Herman J. Speidel (b. 4/23/2003 d. 8/8/2003). His grandmother was Rebecca Knittle.