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The following pictures were provided by James Thompson. He lives in the house originally built by Josef Knittel Jr..
The house is located at: 1226 Hollow Road, Collegeville, Pennsylvania 19426

This is a picture of a Scotch-German cabin built about the same time period and in the same manner as the Knittel house when it was originally built.

The Josef Knittel Jr. Bible !!! Martin Luther's New Testament printed in Germany in 1710 !! This is written in Josef's handwriting as his wife could not write. The three children are listed.

Mary Knittle was the daughter of Joseph Knittel/Knittle Jr. and Christina V. Bean. Mary was born in 1777 along with a twin sister, Sybilla. Joseph, Christina, Mary and Sybllia are buried in the Methacton Mennonite Church Cemetery in Worcester, Pennsylvania. Neither Mary nor Sybilla married or had children.