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I have been collecting data on the Knitle family tree for over 30 years. This database is everything that I have been able to piece together, up to this point, that connects. If information has been donated by fellow researchers, I have given the credit to each of those people. If I have neglected to give credit due, please let me know and I will correct the omission. If you find mistakes or would like to add to this database please let me know.

Descendants of StephanKnittel

Ancestry of William Joseph Knittle Sr.

The following are Knittel/Knittle lines which we believe hook up to the Stephan Knittel line but are not sure of the connection:

Descendants of Joseph Theodore Knittel/Knittle

Descendants of Charles Knittel/Knittle

Descendants of Bonifaz/Boniface Knittel/Knittle

Descendants of Wunibald Knittel/Knittle

Descendants of George Knittel