William Joseph Knittle Photographs

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William Joseph Knittle Photographs

(Unfortunately, most of the William Joseph Knittle Sr. family photographs were destroyed by an angry in-law. If anyone has photos of Bill or his family they would be most welcome.)

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To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how William Joseph Knittle Sr. connects to the Knittle genealogy, I have included his line back to Joseph Knittel/Knittle

Generation No. 1

William Joseph Sr. Knittle, born 16 Jan 1916 in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania,
Children of William Knittle and Lahlee Duggins are:
i. Raymond George Knittle,
ii. William Joseph Jr. Knittle,
iii. Susan Quentine Knittle,
iv. Richard Michael Knittle,

Generation No. 2
Harry Emerson Knittle born 05 Aug 1890 in Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania;
Children of Harry Knittle and Elizabeth Sommer are:
i. Anna Maria Knittle,
ii. Harry Knittle,
iii. William Joseph Sr. Knittle,
iv. Robert Henry Knittle,
v. Raymond George Knittle,
vi. Ann Elizabeth; Veronica Knittle,
vii. James Paul Knittle,
viii. Catherine Knittle,
ix. Richard Michael Knittle
x. Edward Leroy Knittle
xiJohn Henry Knittle
xii. Eugene Knittle,
xiii. Thomas Paul Knittle.

Generation No. 3
Emerson Ellsworth Knittle, born 25 Apr 1862 in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania;
Child of Emerson Knittle and Sophia Spones/Sponhouse is:
i. Harry Emerson Knittle,

Generation No. 4
John; Adam; Jr. Knittle, born 1820 in Fairfield Township, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania;
Children of John Knittle and Sophia Day are:
i. George W. Knittle,
ii. ii. Caroline Knittle,
iii. Mary Emma Knittle,
iv. Samuel Knittle,
v. Franklin Thompson Knittle,
vi. Emerson Ellsworth Knittle.
vii. Robert Knittle,

Generation No. 5
Johann;Adam; Sr. Knittle, born 13 Feb 1781 in Schuylkill, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Children of Johann Knittle and Elizabeth Taiger/Teysher/Deysher/Deischer are:
i. Hanna Knittle,
iii. Elizabeth Knittle,
iii. Maria Magdalene Knittle,
iv. Sarah Knittle,
iv. Jacob Knittle,
vi. Johannes; John; Knittle
vii. John "Adam" Jr. Knittle,.
viii. Samuel Knittle
ix. Mary Knittle,

Generation No. 6
Johan; Freiderich; K. Knittle, born 17 Dec 1757 in Richmond Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania;
Children of Johan Knittle and Catharina/Katharina are:
i. Johann;Adam; Sr. Knittle,
ii. Johan Frederick Knittle, iii. John Henry; Heinrich; Knittle
iv. Elizabeth Knittle.
v. Jonathan Knittle, Sr.
vi. Anna Maria Knittle
vii. Edna Knittle.
viii. Jacob Knittle

Generation No. 7
Michael Joseph Knittel/Knittle, born 24 Nov 1733 in Schmiden, Neckarkreis, Wuerttemberg, Germany
Children of Michael Knittel/Knittle and Anna (Schats)(Shatzin) are:
i. Johan "Freiderich" K. Knittle,
ii. John Adam Knittel/Knittle,
iii. Michael Jr. (Knittle) Knittel, iv. John; George; Knittle,
v. Daniel Knittle,
vi. Cristina Knittle,
vii. Catherine Rosina Knittle,
viii. Catharina Maria Knittle.

Generation No. 8
Joseph (Josef) Knittel,

William J. Knittle Sr. (3rd from the bottom on the right) with the Larry Funk Orchestra in New York about 1835. He played the trombone.

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys

House at 973 Lake Street, Venice, California

Bill on Thanksgiving about 1956 Venice, California

Family about 1957. FR L to R... Mike (Richard), Susie, Lahlee, Butch (Ray), Back Row L to R....Brud Bill Jr.), Bill, San Bernadino, California

Bill 1959, Venice, California

Bill 1961, San Bernadino, California

Knittle Family Christmas about 1967 Venice, California

Lahlee and Bill Knittle at Christmas 1972

Susie, Sandy, Bill and Tammy at the Grand Canyon 1969

Lahlee with Tammy and Bill with Sandy at the Painted Desert in 1969

On the road trip to Pennsylvania in 1969

Harry Emerson Knittle, Tammy and Bill in Rhode Island in 1969

Bill at Tharp's Log in Sequoia National Park about 1970

Bill in Sequoia in 1970

Bill with Tammy in Sequoia in 1970

Bill in Crescent Meadow at Sequoia in 1970

Bill at Sequoia in 1972

Bill at Sequoia in 1972

Bill, Lahlee and Tammy at Sequoia in 1972

Bill with his trombone at Sequoia in 1972

Bill telling a story at the campfire at Sequoia in 1972

Bill playing his trombone at Sequoia in 1972

Bill playing the piano on Christmas about 1975 Venice, California
Ed, Bob, Bill and Gene Knittle about 1983

Bill and Susie family reunion 1984 at Oak Park, Moorpark, California (Last picture of Dad and me together).

Bill and Wendy Strong Knittle (2nd wife) at Disneyland 1984

Last photo ever taken of Bill. With Lahlee at Disneyland 1984.(water damaged)

Last photo of Bill. Disneyland1984, 5 months before he passed away. (water damaged).

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