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Welcome Duggins Researchers. This Site is dedicated to my mother:
Lahlee Duggins.

1925 - 2009

Lahlee(FC), Raymond (L), Susan (LC), Richard (RC), William (R).

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Susan Quentine Knittle-Hunteris a member and coordinator of this surname resource center. SURNAMEWEB

My name is Susan Quentine Knittle-Hunter.

I have been researching my Duggins lineage for over 30 years. It has been only recently that I have been researching on the internet. I have discovered quite a bit of new information on the Duggins surname and have met many "cousins" who are also researching the name. Most of us have spent many tedious hours researching through census records, marriage and tax records, military records, wills and land records, etc.. It is my hope that all Duggins surname researchers will find information here and also add their information to our databases and include their family trees. I hope you will enjoy your visit. Good luck in your research efforts!


The primary goal of the Duggins Surname Resource Center is to provide a central location for Dugginsresearchers to obtain information about their ancestors and to connect with their "cousins" on the same quest.


The objectives of the Duggins Surname Resource Center, to reach the main goal, are as follows:

Duggins researchers will add their names and a brief description of their research.

Duggins researchers will link their personal pages containing the information and data of their Duggins ancestors.

Duggins researchers will list the research interests of their Duggins surname and related family.

Duggins researchers will provide additional information on their Duggins surname to include, but not limited to; birth, marriage, and death records, military, bible, land and census records, biographies and photographs.

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