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Duggins Photographs

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Duggins Photographs by Barbara Moore

Barbara Moore: Mooretalk1@aol.com

To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how Barbara Moore connects to the Duggins genealogy, I have included her line back to Ellick Duggins.

Ancestors of Barbara Moore

Generation No. 1

Johanna or Joan
She married Jacob "Jake" Jr. Mayfield in Missouri, son of Jacob Sr. Mayfield.

Children of Johanna Duggins and Jacob Mayfield are:
i. Mary Susan Mayfield.
ii. Isabelle Mayfield
iii. Child Mayfield.
iv. Child Mayfield.
v. Child Mayfield.

Generation No. 2

Elijah "Lige" Duggins,
He married Rachel Foster

Children of Elijah Duggins and Rachel Foster are:
i. Sarah E
ii. Johanna or Joan Duggins,
iii. Andrew J. Duggins,
iv. George Washington Duggins,
v. Emarine "Emma" Duggins,
vi. William "Lee" Duggins
vii. James "Jim" Barbara Duggins,
viii. Stephen "Stevie" S. Duggins
ix. Elijah Jr. Duggins,
x. Mary Duggins
xi. Daniel "Dan" Berthly Duggins,
xii. Margaret "Maggie" Susan Duggins,
11 xiii. Rebecca Belle (Bell) Duggins,
xiv. David Duggins
xv. Ephriam Duggins
xvi. Cora Elizabeth Duggins

Generation No. 3

Daniel Jr. II Duggins,
He married Sarah "Sally" Stearman.
Children of Daniel Duggins and Sarah Stinnett are:
i. Elijah "Lige" Duggins,.
ii. Hamilton Duggins,
iii. Mary Duggins
iv. Elizabeth Duggins,.
v. Daniel Jr III Duggins
vi. Jennings Duggins

Generation No. 4

Daniel Sr. Duggins
He married Elizabeth.
Children of Daniel Duggins and Elizabeth are:
i. John Duggins,.
ii. Alexander Duggins,
iii. Thomas Duggins,
iv. Jesse Duggins,
v. Daniel Jr. II Duggins,
vi. Mahala Duggins

Generation No. 5

Alexander Sr Duggins. He married Mary
Children of Alexander Duggins and Mary are:
i. David Sr. Duggins, ii. Elijah Duggins.
iii. Alexander Jr Duggins
iv. Daniel Sr. Duggins,
v. Richard Duggins,.
vi. Priscilla Duggins,
vii. Stephen Duggins, Sr
viii. Reuben Duggins,

Generation No. 6

Ellick Duggins
He married Alice
Children of Ellick Duggins and Alice are:
i. Ellick Jr Duggins
ii. Alexander Sr Duggins
iii. William Thomas Duggins
iv. Benjamin Duggins

"Rachel Foster Duggins (July 27, 1832-February 3, 1925) Wife of Elijah Duggins.(1827-1873). He was born in KY " traveled to Liberty, Indiana to marry Rachel in 1851. The lived in Missouri until 1888, then migrated to Grayson County, TX."" Johanna Duggins was my grandmother's mother. Johanna died when she was 7 yrs. old. She barely knew her and I suspect she never even had a photo. She was pretty good about keeping old photos (like the one of her grandmother, Rachel Foster). My grandmother was Mary Susan Mayfield who married John Allen Covey, Sr. She had a sister named Isabelle who married his brother, David William Covey. "