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Duggins Photographs By Pearl Martin Gantz
Pearl Martin Gantz contributed the following pictures of her Duggins ancestors.

This is her great grandmother Malinda "Jane" Duggins, daughter of John Duggins and Martha "Patsy" Luttrell, and her husband Henry Stinnett.

William Lowe is the son of Mahala Duggin, another daughter of John Dugginsand Martha "Patsy Luttrell", and Dick Lowe. Ella is William's wife.

The top picture is Mahala Duggins Lowe, daughter of John Duggins and Martha "Patsy" Luttrell. The bottom picture is her family. Mahala Duggins Lowe is third from the left in the middle row.

This picture is 5 generations starting with Mahala Duggins Lowe. She is the oldest on the far right.