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Duggins Photographs By Gail Duggins
To help clarify who the people in the pictures are and how Gail Duggins connects to the Duggins genealogy, I have included his line back to Ellick Duggins.

Ancestors of Gail A. Duggins

Generation No. 1

Gail A. Duggins

Generation No. 2

Mitchell Duggins
Child of Mitchell Duggins is:
i. Gail A. Duggins.

Generation No. 3

Jesse Duggins
He married Annie Tucker.
Children of Jesse Duggins and Annie Tucker are:
i. Temple Duggins,.
ii. Virgie Duggins,
iii. Mitchell Duggins,.
iv. Arnold Duggins,
iv. Beulah Duggins,

Generation No. 4

Benjamin David Duggins,
He married Julia Ann Cook.
Children of Benjamin Duggins and Julia Cook are:
i. George W. Duggins,.
ii. Martha E. Duggins.
iii. Mary Margaret Duggins.
iv. James Thomas Duggins,
v. William H. Duggins.
vi. Ella Duggins
vii. Jesse Duggins.

Generation No. 5

David Jr Duggins,
He married Leah Morris
Children of David Duggins and Leah Morris are:
i. Vincent Duggins,
ii. Benjamin David Duggins,.
iii. Braxton Duggins.
iv. Artemitia Duggins.
v. Nancy E. Duggins.
vi. David Duggins.
vii. Marshall Duggins.
viii. Eliza A. Duggins.
ix. Samuel Duggins
x. Emily Jane Duggins,
xi. Elizabeth Duggins.

Generation No. 6

David Sr. Duggins,.
He married Nancy (Ramey) Riney
Children of David Duggins and Nancy Riney are:
i. David Jr Duggins,.
iii. Reuben Duggins/Dougan,
iii. Elijah Duggins,
iv. Female Duggins,.
v. Male Duggins,.
vi. Harvey H. Duggins
vii. Lucy Duggins,.
viii. William Duggins

Generation No. 7

Alexander Sr Duggins,.
He married Mary in Amherst County, Virginia.
Children of Alexander Duggins and Mary are:
i. David Sr. Duggins,.
ii. Elijah Duggins.
iii. Alexander Jr Duggins,
iv. Daniel Sr.
v. Richard Duggins,.
vi. Priscilla Duggins
vii. Stephen Duggins, Sr.
viii. Reuben Duggins, died Unknown.

Generation No. 8

Ellick Duggins
He married Alice
Children of Ellick Duggins and Alice are:
i. Ellick Jr Duggins.
ii. Alexander Sr Duggins
iii. William Thomas Duggins
iv. Benjamin Duggins.

Jesse Duggins is the grandson of David Duggins Jr... Mitchell was the father of Gail A. Duggins.

Gail and daughter Lisa in Ireland

Customs in Shannon, Ireland

Gail Duggins having fun in Ireland.

Copying Duggins genealogy information in Ireland

More Pictures from Ireland